We help Ukrainians to survive these hard times. To be safe and healthy, to get life supplies and to renovate the country’s economy and infrastructure.

Help Ukraine to reborn
How do we help?

Our activities are directed to the needs of Ukrainians who require help to survive

Our Projects

Good Health

Clean Water

Economic Growth

Clean water as a crucial factor of good health

Who we are?

Volya Ukraine is an initiative of a group of colleagues working at Iquality. This is a software company based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. However, one of our teams is based in Ukraine. That’s why we feel extra committed to help Ukrainians who are in need of help, due to the current war.

About us

The purpose of our foundation is to make Ukraine a better place

The purpose of our foundation is to make Ukraine a better place to live. We want to contribute to an honest and sustainable environment in Ukraine.

Support and populate Ukrainian culture
Humanitarian help

Support Ukrainians

We understand and realize the difficulties which people in Ukraine are experiencing right now. Join efforts of People in Netherlands and Ukrainians we trying to solve primary needs of people by supplying requires products, water, clothes transportation, aggregates etc...
Never give up, together we are stronger!