How we help?

We want to help Ukraine by developing programs related to 3 subjects

Good Health

Clean Water

Economic Growth

Our Program and Projects

Good Health and

The access to qualitative health care has been strongly disrupted. That means a lot of people have no access to safe, affordable and essential medicines and/or vaccines. Their access to food, clothing, toys for children, or other materials that seem normal to others but are so valuable once you’ve lost them, has also worsened.

Programs we’ve supported:

  • Humanitarian delivery Donates from Budy2Sur5 event
  • Medical emergency list
  • Truck with humanitarian help - delivery to Ukrain
  • Forth Delivery of Humanitarian help to Ukraine
  • Children support in Ukraine
Humanitarian help

Clean water and

Many Ukrainians lost their access to safe and affordable potable water. Basic hygiene facilities and safely managed sanitation also suffer under this war.   Luckily there are several projects and initiatives within Ukraine to improve this situation. From the Netherlands we can also access to certain supplies that can help people in need for drinking water and effective sanitation.

Programs we’ve supported:

  • Aquatabs delivery
  • Water personal filter
  • Supporting water delivery to hot spots in Ukraine

Decent work and
Economic growth

The war has disrupted a big part of society. It has affected the lives of so many Ukrainians and therefore has an enormous effect on the Ukrainian economy.   We want to help on this matter by creating decent jobs, focusing on entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, support the foundation and growth of micro, small and medium businesses.

Programs we’ve supported:

  • Our webshop