Clean water and sanitation

Clean Water

what we do for clean water and sanitation?

- Raising awareness about the importance of clean water and its impact on public health;
- Collaborating with local authorities and organizations to develop and implement water purification systems in villages and areas affected by war;
- Providing water filters and purification tablets to ensure access to clean water in remote areas;
- Supporting the installation of water wells and boreholes in communities without access to clean water sources;
- Delivering clean and bottled water to people who require it the most:
civilians, medicals, defenders, sufferers affected by war.

Clean Water and

Many Ukrainians lost their access to safe and affordable potable water. Basic hygiene facilities and safely managed sanitation also suffer under this war. Luckily there are several projects and initiatives within Ukraine to improve this situation. From the Netherlands we can also access to certain supplies that can help people in need for drinking water and effective sanitation.

Programs we’ve already supported:

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