Clean water
September 2, 2022

New delivery: Water filters and aqua tabs

New delivery: Water filters and aqua tabs

Water filters and Aqua tabs. It's a relatively simple way of helping those who lost their access to potable water. We're very happy we could help on this delicate point.

When we decide what to do with the donations we receive, we usually put the focus on one of these 3 Sustainable Development Goals:

- Good Health and Well-Being
- Clean Water and Sanitation
- Decent Work and Economic Growth

Momentarily there is a need for potable water. In a lot of places in Ukraine they lost the access to good drinkable water. Luckily, there are easy ways to temporarily fix that, so that people can still use the water they have.

Water filters and Aqua tabs

Water filters are an effective and quickway of cleaning your water. This filter works with sweet water, and is one of the few options which allows you to start drinking the wtaer inmediately.

Aqua tabs are water purification tablets that kill most of the harmful micro organisms in the water. After 30 minutes the water is potable, which makes this a very essential thing to have for many Ukrainians right now.