Our mission

The purpose of our foundation is to make Ukraine a better place.
We want to contribute to an honest and sustainable Ukraine.

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In order to do so, we will focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) that were created by the United Nations. Specifically, we will focus on the following 3 goals:

  • Clean Water & Sanitation
  • Good health & Well-being
  • Decent work & Economic growth

This means that our work will always have a link to one of these goals. On our Projects page, you can read all about the programs we’ve already created.

Who we are

Why did we start this foundation?

Volya Ukraine is an initiative of a group of colleagues working at Iquality. This is a software company based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. However, one of our teams is based in Ukraine. That’s why we feel extra committed to help Ukrainians who are in need of help due to the current war.

Official details

Stichting Volya Ukraine

Official name: Stichting Volya Ukraine
KvK-nummer: 86580043
RSIN: 864012779
Address: Tolhuis 1328, 6537MT Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Email: info@volyaukraine.nl
Telephone: 0620007265
ANBI-Status: Approved
General ANBI rules to be complied

Our Team

Eugene Sheretov
Eugene moved in 2014 from Ukraine to the Netherlands. His connections in both countries helped him not only to find supplies, but also to transport them to Ukraine and to distribute them in the regions in Ukraine where they’re most needed. Besides his work for Volya Ukraine, Eugene works as a software engineer for Iquality.
Anna Sheretova
Anna moved in 2014 from Ukraine to the Netherlands. Her connections are also – like Eugenes – of a big help for our work. Her contacts helped our foundation in gathering supplies, transporting them to Ukraine and distributing them to those who need them the most. In her daily life, Anna works as a test engineer for Iquality.
John van Beek
Being co-founder and managing partner of Iquality, John brings a lot of knowledge and experience to our foundation. As a treasurer for Volya Ukraine, he manages all incomes and expenses.
The directors receive no salary or other income from the foundation. Expenses are only reimbursed if this has a direct relationship with the goals of the foundation.