December 5, 2022

Volya Ukraine received ANBI status

Volya Ukraine received ANBI status

Good news: we've received an official ANBI status. This is a certificate given by the Dutch tax authorities that proves you are working for the common good.

Why is an ANBI status so important to have?

There a multiple benefits of owning an ANBI status:

- The donations that people/companies will make to your foundation, will be tax deductible for many of them.
- It gives your foundation credibility. Many companies require an ANBI status for the foundation they want to contribute to, so they know their money will be well spend.

An organization with an ANBI status must meet several requirements, such as:

- The foundation does not have a profit motive.
- The people within the foundation meet integrity standards.
- The foundation has a policy plan.
- The foundation must publish some specific info (name founders, contact details, RSIN number) on their website.

Do you want to contribute to our foundation and help the people in Ukraine who are suffering from the war? There are 3 ways you can help:

-> Shop

Buy an (often handmade!) Ukrainian product on our webshop. These products are all made in Ukraine, and the profit of the selling will go to one of our projects in Ukraine.

-> Donate

Whatever you can spare. We are grateful for every donation that comes in. Donate!

-> Help

Spread the word, tell your friends/family about our foundation. Want to be involved? Contact us!

Who are we?

Volya Ukraine is a foundation that collects essential goods for the people in Ukraine that are suffering from the war with Russia. We lay our focus on 3 Sustainable Development Goals from the UN:

1. Good Health and Well-Being
2. Clean Water and Sanitation
3. Decent Work and Economic Growth

All the goods we collect are based on one of these Goals. So if we donate clothes, it contributes to Good Health and Well-Being. If we donate Water tabs, it contributes to Clean Water and Sanitation. And if we sell handmade Ukrainian pottery, it contributes to Decent Work and Ecnonomic growth, because it comes directly from businesses in Ukraine.