Clean water
July 14, 2022

Important delivery of Aquatabs

Important delivery of Aquatabs

We've delivered a shipment of Aquatabs to Ukraine. With these pastilles, you can easily clean your (sweet) water and make it potable.

Aquatabs are pastilles that you can put in your water. It will kill microbes and other harmful micro organismes within 30 minutes. Because their so small, their easy to take with you anywhere you go.

Ukraine is momentarily suffering many attacks. One of the consequences of these attacks is -next to electricity fall outs- lack of water. Sometimes the water that they do have access to is not filtered, and therefore possibly dangerous. These Aquatabs are a good solution to this problem.

By donating these filters, we concentrate on the Sustainable Development Goal of the UN: Clean Water and Sanitation. Want to know more about these goals? You can read all about it on our Projects page.