February 20, 2023

Winter supplies for Ukraine

Winter supplies for Ukraine

On February 20th we've made another delivery to Ukraine. This time the focus was set on winter supplies, because of the low temperatures right now. People have helped us yet again by donating exactly the right things!

On of our Volya cars made the trip to Ukraine, where the goods we're brought to people in regions of war. Thanks to our frineds in Ukraine we're in contact with hospitals, so we can deliver some important goods to them as well.

What we've delivered this time:

  • 3 boxes with canned food
  • 18 bags full of warm clothes
  • 2 boxes with pants for hospitals
  • Foot heaters
  • Extra tires for a 4WD car

We would really like to thank everyone who had donated yet again! We don't give up!

Check pictures of this delivery on our Facebook page!